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Who: The Kids Kindness Club is a Connor’s Kindness Project (CKP) initiative that benefits the overall well-being of elementary age children with a specific focus on introducing them to community service and thinking about/supporting others.
Why: Start a Kindness Club? Kindness is the foundation on which all other values are based. CKP believes that kindness is contagious and one simple act can have a positive and lasting impact on the recipient.
How: Participants will complete activities that improve well-being and promote kindness and inclusion. It also serves as a was to prevent bullying, by focusing on the positives of kindness.
Leaders: CKP and its Teen Ambassadors will work with elementary school classrooms or entire school populations to implement the Kindness Club. CKP and its Teen Ambassadors will lead the Kindness Club Program under the guidance of our Executive Director, Sharon Marrama.
What: Simple projects like thank you notes, giving an unsolicited compliment, helping out a neighbor or classmate, etc. teach students how to be mindful about the feelings of others. The ambassadors will work with students (and group leaders) to create a lasting impact.

January to December 2023 Impact



Acts of Kindness

Join us in welcoming the following schools into
The Kindness Club

Reeves School Woburn
White School Woburn
Hurld Wyman School Woburn
Barrows School Reading
Summer Street School Lynnfield

Huckleberry Hill School Lynnfield
Callahan School Lynn
Shaughnessy School Lowell
Greenhalge School Lowell
Pawtucket School Lowell
The Warren-Prescott School Charlestown
Harvard-Kent School Charlestown 

Lynch School in Winchester
Ambrose School Winchester
Webster School Everett
Reeves School Woburn
Hannah School Beverly


Titlton School
Walnut School

Hunking School
Bradford School
Pentucket School

Silver Hill School
Golden School

John E. Burke Elementary School
Thomas Carroll Elementary School
Center Elementary School
John E. McCarthy Elementary School
Captain Samuel Brown Elementary School
William A. Welch Elementary School
West Memorial Elementary School
South Memorial Elementary School

Around the Country

Liberty School Boise Idaho

Program Format

CKP Representative will lead live launch
Each school will have a teacher contact/lead

Each participant will

  • Take a Kindness Pledge

  • Complete 20 activities from a list provided over the course of any predetermined period set by the school/classroom. It can be completed in one month or an entire school year. CKP will provide list/calendar.

  • Upon completion each student will receive a Kindness Certificate and a Kindness is My Superpower sticker.

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