Help Us Spread Kindness!

Teen Volunteers

Steven Migliero

Steven Migliero is a junior at Phillips Academy, Andover. Steve is a member of the baseball team and manages and attends multiple clubs. In his free time, he loves to golf, spike-ball and go to the beach with friends.

Maddie Daigle

Maddie Daigle is a senior at Lynnfield High School. She is a captain of the cross-country, indoor track, and lacrosse teams and leads the Habitat for Humanity club at the school. In her free time, Maddie loves hiking, snowboarding, and going to the beach. She has always involved herself in volunteer opportunities around the community.

Ella Matule

Ella Matule is a senior at Winchester High School. Ella is a member of the National Honor Society, a peer leader at her church and a tutor for middle school science students. Ella enjoys spending time with family and friends. Ella resides in Winchester with her parents, sister Ella, brother Westly and her dog, Nash.

Brendan Sokop

Brendan Sokop is a junior at Lynnfield High School and an active member of his community. He is secretary of his class and plays on the LHS soccer, basketball and tennis teams. He is a member of various clubs and works hard to maintain academic high honors. In addition, he works a part time job at a sandwich shop. One of his proudest accomplishments is organizing a medical drive for the victims of the war in the Ukraine. In his free time, Brendan likes playing golf and pickleball with his family. Brendan is the youngest of three children: he has a 19-year-old brother, a 21-year-old sister and a Covid rescue pup named, Sadie.

Paige Martino

Paige Martino is a sophomore at Lynnfield High School. She play on the tennis team, participates in musical theatre, and serves as an alumnus of Project 351, a nonprofit that builds a movement of youth-led service in Massachusetts. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and skiing. She is be part of Connors’s Kindness Project as a Teen Ambassador to spread awareness and promote kindness.

Niko Kozakis

Niko Kozakis is a Junior at Lynnfield High School and is involved in many extracurricular and clubs dedicated to better his community. He is a avid golfer and has been a leader on the Lynnfield Varsity Golf team for the past three years. In addition, he works at a indoor golf simulator part time. Also, he takes pride in achieving and maintaining high honors. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Ryan Zannella

My name is Ryan Zannella I live in Lynnfield. I live with my Mom, Dad and my little Sister who goes to Lynnfield High School as well. My hobbies include working out, hanging with friends and watching movies with my family. I joined Connor’s Kindness Project because I’ve always wanted to help out in my community but never knew how. When I saw what Connor was doing I thought it was cool, especially that I could do this with friends. A project I am looking forward to is our first fundraiser.

Slate LoPilato

Slate LoPilato is a Junior at Lynnfield High School. He is one of the Representatives for his Student Council, as well as the head of the Psychology Curriculum at FMG Robotics. He is also one of the founders for his High School newscast outlet, Lynnfield Media. Being apart of other various clubs and programs, Slate also plays for the LHS Tennis and Winter Track teams. In his free time, Slate enjoys staying active by going to the gym and playing tennis, whilst also hanging out with friends.